I really hope everyone is doing well!

I would like to share this epic journey God has taken me on, with you. It truly is something special as it is not the “norm” so to speak. Most of my FB friends know I’m trying to pursue a desire that has been burning inside me since a child. I fervently pray the desire within me is greater than my own otherwise, it would feel lonely and pointless if it were “just about me”.

Yesterday, I headed out on the road at 2am, traveling to Mason, Texas. As the morning light peeked over the horizon, I remember seeing the wildflowers, hills and farm animals and thinking, one day, I hope to live in such a beautiful place where you see God and His beauty all the time.

I absolutely love my HOME in Denison, Texas. However, there was something special in that moment by seeing the open road with nature surrounding me. It lingered all day and even now, writing this post, I’m still on that road witnessing it for the first time. Why was that moment so special? Answer…?

I’ve included some pictures from this exciting adventure I’m on. I will add more as they come in. I’m blessed to have met some really lovely people who I know will always be in my life. I’m looking forward to seeing what God plans ahead and after me.

Thank you all for being my friend and in my life. Please open yourselves up to the world of possibility.

Having HOPE is the beginning stages of CREATING! We all have the capability to be on a journey…where do you wanna go?

Love You All,
Casey Baker